Old and new food favorites with a Marula twist

Whenever we entertain you will always experience something different from the usual BBQ, Sunday Lunch, Family dinner or breakfast.

Oh yes, I love cooking as much as I love Marula skin care products.  One day I might just be the owner of a very small restaurant serving old and new favorites, making Marula the hero on your plate as well as your bathroom cupboard.

The other day, going through some old office files, I found a collection of marula recipes compiled and tested by Aunty Sue.  Aunty Sue was well known for her Marula jelly, jam and chutney right through South Africa, especially in the Greater Kruger Park areas.  Reading through the file I was astonished about how, in what and where they used marula fruit.  Oxtail, stews, curries, sauces and even in chicken pie.

At that moment, I looked at my Marula jelly jar in a total different way and so the hunt began.  With what can I eat this golden deliciousness, what can I replace with the marula nectar.  And so I discovered and experienced and I would love to share them with you.


First and most popular is the old-time favorite, marula jelly on a slice of toast. You will find that marula jelly differs in taste but once you fall in love, there is just no stopping.

Another new absolute favorite is deep-fried Camembert with Marula jelly.  Plain and simple as that and found in most restaurants in our area.

Venison Burger with Marula jelly – as venison is not an absolute favorite, I was totally surprised how the jelly complimented the venison.  This was on the menu that they serve at Mopani Rest Camp, Kruger National park an absolute treat.

Being from an Afrikaans family we just love our Malva pudding, instead of apricot jam in the cake batter replace it with Marula jelly.  And for an extra fusion add a spoonful of the jelly to the sauce for that wild marula taste.

Another traditional Afrikaans favorite is Hertzoggies, just replace your apricot jam centre with Marula jam/jelly.  Goes excellent with the roasted coconut at the top.

For a special waffle breakfast, pile up some fried bacon, roasted banana and marula jelly.  Sounds funny but trust me, once you’ve tasted it you will not be able to stop.

Cheese and biscuits – for sure! Who can say no to a crunchy biscuit, fresh gouda and spoonful of Marula jelly.

All the delicious recipes are getting me hungry, so I am going to share my final dish, a savoury mince filled pancake with a drizzle or spoonful marula jelly / marula chutney – sooooo lekker en smaakvol !!

Please share if you have tried any of my suggestions and should you need a jar of Marula sweetness, do not hesitate to contact us.

Oh marula jelly, where did the time go, until next time ……


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