A week in the life of a Marula expert

It has already been a week since the last time that I blogged – oh my word, I traveled over 1500km.

So my first visit was tot Johannesburg, Gauteng.  Delivered some of our golden magic (marula oil) to our Gauteng distributors.  Unfortunate to find that South Africans do not know the great value and benefits of Marula oil –

City pict
Gauteng, perfect day with no traffic

Marula oil is great for everything, you just need to explore and experiment.  Marula oil do not cause any break outs, in fact it make them disappear.  It works from within the 2nd layer of your skin, due to its great anti-oxidants it actually makes spot vanish.  It assists in skin pigmentation and do have anti-aging properties.

All mentioned facts are what I experience on my skin since mid December 2017.  My skin is much more even, hydrated and soft than before.  I even have a better sun tan than before.  I struggled with some bad hormonal colour pigmentation on my skin and it even made that vanish.

Marula Oil

I even add two pumps of marula oil to my daily body moisturizer and I must say, my skin tone is much more toned and moisturized.  Living in a town with very high temperatures, when golfing with friends I always end up with a bit of sunburn.  Having the marula fever, I used the pure oil on the sunburned area, as it is fast absorbent and do not give off any residue on materials.  What did I expect, the redness of the sunburn was gone the next morning, so it really works for environmental damages.

Second visit was to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.  Have you ever spent time in a health shop – they have the most amazing variety of essential oils and natural products, you really need to keep an eye on your budget however.  From lip balms and tablets to hair products.  It was so great to see all the natural oils found in products from hair treatments, shower gel and lotions.  Once you have gone natural, you will never look back.  Everything smell clean and pure – take some time and visit a health shop, if it interest you, it is really worth the time.

Lowveld pict
On my way back home, Limpopo

Well, back to work again, excited in ordering and finalizing packaging for our new Marula Balm Soother, cannot wait for the finished product that you all can try it.  This Marula Balm Soother will be targeting your elbows, heels and lips, it has great antibacterial properties, and what better product to heel the cracks and rough skin.

Remember if it is Marula oil it is worth it, for sure !

Good or bad Marula oil?

How good is Marula oil really to be used on your skin ?  What is the difference in the colour and aroma of the oil and what does it really mean ?

The most important thing that I believe about Marula oil is that there is no good or bad oil, you do get different selections / classifications of Marula oil, but the basics are all the same.  The difference are mostly classified by laboratory tests confirming the fatty acid levels and then any other factors that happened during, before and after marula oil is pressed.

Marula oil 3

For me the most important would be to know obviously if I like it or not and what will I be paying per kilogram.  I love a natural product with a strong aroma that is free of toxic ingredients and definitely make my skin feel better and healthier.

We have pressed marula oil that has been different in colour and aroma.  There is marula oil that is dark and then there is marula oil that is light yellow.  They are really just a lighter or darker shade (brown orange yellow) colour and then have a stronger or lighter marula nut aroma.

My own classification as follow

  • Prima Marula oil:       Light colour, less aroma (would definitely be the more expensive one)
  • Marula oil:         Darker colour, normal level of nut aroma  (excellent to be used as is or to mix with other carrier oils for massage oils or creams)
  • The anything Marula oil:          Much darker and stronger marula nut aroma:  (this is good for soap making but can still be used to mix with other ‘ingredients’.)
  • Soap Marula oil:           Nearly brown colour and very strong nut aroma  (the best soap marula oil, it is also very high in fatty acids so it would make a great moisturizing soap.)

(Classification is from my own experience in working with these oils in making of soaps and formulation of products)

Marula oil has sooooooooo many benefits and is so versatile to be used in any product.  I prefer the pure Marula oil and just add a few drops to all my daily skin care products, from my body lotion, night & day cream, foot cream, hair conditioner, etc, etc etc.

Marula oil 2

Marula oil is high in antioxidants, meaning younger looking skin and better defence against skin aging.   Marula oil is also rich in essential fatty acids Omega 9 – oleic and Omega 6 – linoleic that deeply hydrate and reduce redness while nourishing, healing, moisturizing and improving skin elasticity.

Marula oil is also highly effective in preventing and healing a variety of skin disorders, including eczema, acne, etc.

When making Marula Glycerine soaps, I prefer the darker, stronger smelling marula oil for the reason that I have a natural colorant and do not need any fragrances added.  The benefits to your skin is exactly the same, it might just take longer for results due to the percentage / volume of marula oil in each product and how often it is being used.

Marula oil 4

I am sure that there is a lot of marula oil producers and users that would disagree, this is just my personal view and experience that I have with Marula oil users and being a user myself as well as part of a Marula oil manufacturing team that has learned, tried and tested all available options.

Just to help you understand ……

A great example is our dear old friend, chocolate.  Milk chocolate is loved by all, it is darker and stronger than your milky bar chocolate.  They are much sweeter and lighter than Dark chocolate, but still it is chocolate, make you happy and let all our problems look less………





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